In Bad Taste: 9/11 Memorial Wine

According to its description, Lieb Cellars' 9/11 Memorial Commemorative Chardonnay is "reminiscent of fresh green apples with underlying hints of tropical citrus and pineapples," but we think it's pretty tasteless. 

And that's before even trying it. 

The bottle is part of the Long Island winery's 9/11 Memorial collection, launched to
commemorate the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Its grapes were "grown 90-miles from the site of the World Trade Center," so you can see the obvious connection there. Or, you know, not really at all. 

For each bottle purchased, the company will donate 91.9 cents of $19.11 retail price (see what they did there?) to help launch a memorial at Ground Zero.

But that still doesn't sit well with some.

The New York City Fire Department's Emergency Medical Service tweeted: "What's next a 9/11-themed McRib sandwich made with beef from Pennsylvania cows raised near the Flight 93 Memorial Park?" They then alerted Anthony Bourdain, who's associated with a restaurant that sells the wine. 

Bourdain responded, "Holy FUCK! What kind of piece of shit would create such a product?" 

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