IKEA Offers Free Breakfast Mondays
Edwin Goei

IKEA Offers Free Breakfast Mondays

Not content to go through the motions of offering free breakfast on special weekends when they need to move furniture, IKEA has now started to offer their plate of eggs, potatoes and bacon gratis every Monday during breakfast hours.

I discovered the deal last week at the Costa Mesa store. I was prepared to pay my usual 99-cents when the counter man said there would be no charge for the meal. It's one per customer, of course, and the eggs are just as powdery as always. But to complain about a free meal is to sound, well, even cheaper than I am.

You won't see the deal advertised anywhere in the store. Why would they when they've already got you there? You just have to know (or have checked their website). 

They are, however, promoting other offers throughout the week. If getting to IKEA on a Monday morning for free food doesn't seem worth it, how about Thursdays when a piece of roasted chicken with mashed potatoes is $1.99? Just don't wander in to that furniture rat-maze after you're done...that's just what those evil Swedish geniuses want you to do!

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