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Are you as pissed off as the rest of Southern California by David Allen Gunther, the ex-con exposed by Moxley in this week's cover story? Then do something about it: JJ Hawaiian BBQ and Sushi, one of the businesses targeted by Gunther, is in danger of closing thanks to that jerk. Owner Jin Kim had to sell a car and his wife's wedding ring to pay off the scumbag's scheme. Kim and his wife grill great Hawaiian barbecue--my favorite dish is the loco moco, rice topped with two hamburger patties, two eggs over-easy and then drowned in a sweet gravy--at cheap prices and hefty portions. There's also a a surprising array of sushi rolls. Take it from this food critic: JJ Hawaiian is yummers, so visit, por favor. Besides, God will smile if you give the Kims some cash during their hard times caused by Gunther the Grifter.

JJ Hawaiian BBQ & Sushi, 2050 N. Grand Ave., #109, Santa Ana, 714-542-2665 [Post bumped up from its original Friday Oct. 13 spot-- PB]


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