Ice Cream Cone-ing: Even Dumber Than Planking

Ice Cream Cone-ing: Even Dumber Than Planking

The internet is weird. Hot on the heels of the planking trend comes cone-ing.

And if you thought planking was bad, wait 'til you see this video after the jump. Ladies and gents, the definition of ice cream cone-ing according to the official Cone-ing website (yes, one exists): "Putting it simply, it is grabbing a soft serve upside down and creating the most awkward situation possible."

Are kids getting dumber or am I just getting old?

Yes, the official cone-ing site also boasts that Alki Stevens, the man responsible for introducing planking is also responsible for this whole cone-ing thing. Fantastic.

Now check out this dude waste like, 20 good ice cream cones.

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