Huntington Beach's Peddler of 'Ice Cream of the Future' Closes
Edwin Goei

Huntington Beach's Peddler of 'Ice Cream of the Future' Closes

Unless you happen to frequent Boomers or amusement parks, Dippin' Dots--once the rage in malls along with Spencers Gifts and other '80s relics--are a rare sight these days. And with the recent closing of the Huntington Beach store on 19742 Beach Blvd., it's now rarer still.

The novelty was invented back in 1987 by a university graduate student who took a good idea (to freeze ice cream droplets in liquid nitrogen) and turned it into a business franchise that peddles the ice-cream alternative.

I got wind of the Huntington Beach closure from a comment left on Monster Munching, and by the sound of it, it may have been written by someone who was involved with either that branch or one of the others that have closed over the years.

The commenter named Rebecca writes:

Going, going, going, GONE. Dippin' Dots are expensive. Overpriced cold B.B.s, not worth the price. Unfortunately, the only one getting rich is Curt Jones, the inventor. He's bilked tons of money out people who only wanted to live the American Dream of owning their own business. However, the costs far outweigh the return on your investment and countless Dippin' Dots stores that opened in the last four years have closed, most in just 18 months of business . . . like the HB store, the Long Beach store, the Rancho Cucamonga, Chino Hills . . . gone.


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