European goldfinch
European goldfinch

Hungarian Officials Discover 10,000 Dead Songbirds In A Truck Believed To Be Destined For Italian Restaurants

As Americans get ready to eat one big bird tomorrow, there's a story that Hungarian officials recently found a cache of 10,000 dead songbirds that smugglers tried to get into the country by truck. The destination for the very tiny meals is believed to be northern Italy, where exotic birds are a delicacy. The driver of the truck was apprehended and faces 10 months in prison.

The haul included Eurasian skylarks, Calandra larks, red throated pipits, bluethroats, European goldfinches, fieldfares, mistle thrushes, reed buntings and white wagtails. None of them are listed as endangered, but it is illegal to hunt them in Europe as the birds are protected under international treaties, EU and national legislation.

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