Huell Howser Lunch Quiz Time!

One of the worst-kept secrets in Southern California is that the God of California, Huell Howser, frequently shops at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, held every Sunday near Hollywood and Ivar. He was there yesterday (and remembered me!), and the crowds surrounding him quizzed Huell specific episodes, all which he remembered to their delight. Seriously: the guy rocks.

Howser has done quite a few profiles on Orange County landmarks over the years, which is why I'm doing this quiz (other celebrities yesterday? Andy Richter and Booger from Revenge of the Nerds). To have him as a blind item would be way too easy, so for a jar of my chica's basil jelly: what did ol' Huell have for lunch? The hint (and it nearly gives it away): it's a foodstuff that many nationalities prepare, almost always universally the same. To make it a bit harder, though, you'll not only have to guess the food but also the nationality of the food stall from where Huell bought his grub. One guess (grub and nationality) per comment, por favor. And, now: Huell tripping!


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