How To Improve Yoshinoya's Chicken Bowls: Just Ask For Extra Skin
Edwin Goei

How To Improve Yoshinoya's Chicken Bowls: Just Ask For Extra Skin

I admit it. I write a lot about Yoshinoya. Despite my gripes about what it did to its chicken bowls, it's still one of my favorite national fast-food chains. But on that note, I had an epiphany yesterday while taking advantage of its get-a-dollar-off-a-chicken-bowl-when-you-bring-in-any-restaurant-coupon offer: The one thing I've been missing on their newfangled bowls is the skin. Since the chicken is now chopped up into cube-like pieces from what I assume is a big trough rather than being served from one whole fillet like it used to, sometimes you get your allotted portion of skin, sometimes not. 

So I thought, why don't I just ask for extra skin? With all those misguided customers who request for skinless chicken bowls, there's bound to be some excess skin going to waste. So I asked my cashier, and she gave me a puzzled look. "You want extra skin?" 

"Yes, if you can," I said.

She kind of shrugged it off, like she's heard weirder requests. But then she walked over to the guy who was preparing the bowls and said something to him. She did this because "Extra skin," I gather, is not a pre-programmed button on their point-of-sale system. Then I saw the guy give a half nod. 

And that was it. 

The bowl I was served now had what I estimate to be twice the amount of skin than in the base model, and much more than I remember in the original bowls of my youth. In fact, I think I've changed my mind and have to say that with the extra skin--all those rendered, crispy little curls of poultry epidermis--this bowl is much improved. I almost didn't even need the meat. I think I'll ask for an all-skin bowl next time.

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