How Many Calories Are There In One Moon of Gravy?

How Many Calories Are There In One Moon of Gravy?

Oh, Internet, I love you. Not only can Wolfram Alpha (the computational search engine that is the darling of scientists and geeks everywhere) answer the question above posited on Twitter by @hell0jed, but you allow for the knowledge of the existence of people who would ask questions like this.

The answer, for those whose eyes glaze over after the fourth comma in a large number, is 11,613,777,623,825,440,944,685,056--that is to say, eleven septillion six hundred thirteen sextillion seven hundred seventy-seven quintillion six hundred twenty-three quadrillion eight hundred twenty-five trillion four hundred forty billion nine hundred forty-four million six hundred eighty-five thousand fifty-six, or the equivalent of every single human on earth eating 1.727 trillion Double Whoppers with Cheese.

Somebody call up Paula Deen and ask her to whip up a few sextillion biscuits, would you?

(h/t Ardaniel)

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