'Hot Cheetos & Takis': An Awesome Song Made By Awesome Kids

'Hot Cheetos & Takis': An Awesome Song Made By Awesome Kids
Kids (and all other humans with taste buds) looooooove Flaming Hot Cheetos. They love it so much, it makes them crazy. And apparently, it also makes them burst into song. 

A group of Minneapolis youngsters from an after-school program called North Community Beats and Rhymes have come up with a brilliant summer jam that we can't get out of our heads: "Hot Cheetos & Takis." It's an ode to their favorite snacks with lyrics like, "Got them Skittles, Starbursts, Fritos and Doritos, but nothing can compare to them Hot Cheetos." We agree completely.

Watch it here and then read our list of 10 Things You Should Know About Flaming Hot Cheetos.   

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