Twinkie the Kid, your days are numbered
Twinkie the Kid, your days are numbered

Hostess Twinkies Going Bankrupt, Again

Kiss Twinkies goodbye, maybe. The Wall Street Journal reported today that Hostess Brands, the company that makes Twinkies, Ho-Ho's, Chocodiles and Donettes, is preparing to file bankruptcy for the second time. The company operated under Chapter 11 protection from 2004 to 2009, and this second bite of the bankrupt apple puts the company in what's called Chapter 22 status.

At a time when other giant food conglomerates are shifting their brand positioning with supposedly "whole-grain" and "heart-healthy" baked goods, will reorganization without reinvention help Hostess' many brands that haven't seen substantive changes for decades?

Is it possible that Twinkies might go away forever? Yes. Can you hoard them because they'll last forever? No. Twinkies have a long shelf life due to its low moisture and protein contents, plus the absence of dairy ingredients and addition of preservatives prolong shelf life.

So fanatics might want to consider investing in that chest freezer and a vacuum sealer to protect their hoarded stash. And a diesel generator back-up system for the freezer, in case of a power outage. And an underground diesel tank so the generator can run for weeks if it needs to.

Or, maybe buy a special cake pan and learn how to bake your own version. Or maybe, just wave as Twinkie the Kid rides off into the sunset. Goodbye, Kid, you've had a good run.

[Hat tip to Squid Ink]

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