Honda-Ya Will Open a Honda-Ya Box in Costa Mesa!

Honda-Ya Will Open a Honda-Ya Box in Costa Mesa!
LP Hastings

What's better than two Honda-Yas in Orange County? Three Honda-Yas, that's what.

The izakaya we named in more Best Of Issues than I care to count right now has announced it's opening a so-called Honda-Ya Box in Costa Mesa at the former site of Taka Sushi at 2969 Fairview Rd.

Yes, it's technically four if you count Kappo Honda in Fountain Valley. And judging by the name, this new Honda-Ya might not be an izakaya or kappo like its brethren. Will it have kushiyaki? Will it do ramen since it sits in the heart of Ramen Town? We don't know yet.

When I asked someone at the original Honda-Ya in Tustin for more details about the planned restaurant, he could only tell me that it will be focused on to-go items, with an abbreviated version of the usual Honda-Ya menu.

But who cares! More Honda-Yas are better than fewer.

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