Honda-Ya to Open In Fullerton
Izakaya Honda-Ya

Honda-Ya to Open In Fullerton

Sharp-eyed Chowhound contributor and loyal SaFII reader OCSteve noticed that the old Sizzler on Yorba Linda Blvd. near the 57 in Fullerton is going to turn into a branch of the popular izakaya Honda-Ya. Honda-Ya's website confirms this and talks about a spring opening.

Honda-Ya has two other OC locations: one's on El Camino Real in Tustin, across the parking lot from Cream Pan, and the other is in Fountain Valley's small Japantown near Brookhurst and Ellis. The new location is located at 2980 Yorba Linda Blvd. in Fullerton, at the corner of Placentia Ave.

From steaks that would have to try hard to be mediocre to one of OC's best izakaya? Talk about a phoenix rising from the ashes... I can almost taste the hot yakitori and cold beer now.

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