Honda-Ya Box Opens in Costa Mesa

This is a picture of the tatami room at the Honda-Ya in Fullerton
This is a picture of the tatami room at the Honda-Ya in Fullerton
LP Hastings

As we said in a previous post, the Honda-Ya empire has claimed a shuttered sushi joint in Costa Mesa and turned it into a take-out joint. And this week, it opened for business. Honda-Ya Box, as promised by the Honda-Ya person I spoke to months ago, offers an abbreviated list of Honda-Ya's food.

And when they say abbreviated, they mean it. There are exactly 10 entree choices, sold in bento boxes, retailing between $5-$8.50.

Among the choices, there's beef teriyaki, chicken karaage, Japanese curry, yakisoba and grilled saba, all of it compartmentalized and served with rice, lettuce salad and a potato salad.

But here's one more thing: those pickles Honda-Ya gives you at the beginning of your meal? They sell them here! For a buck!

If you're still missing the tatami room, you can conceivably just go home with your take-out order, and eat it sit cross-legged in your walk-in closet.

2969 Fairview Rd., Costa Mesa.

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