Homer Simpson In Your Fridge As A Dieting Tool?

Homer Simpson In Your Fridge As A Dieting Tool?

We love The Simpsons, especially Homer. A reverse role-model for everyday life, he is the icon of our generation -- both a caricature of what we don't hope we are (lazy, buffoonish, and inept) and someone we are probably more like than we'd care to admit (an overweight average joe).

Plus he's infinitely quotable.

So this product, a Homer fridge guard is perfect. The light-activated plastic toy, which sits in your fridge, spouts choice Homerisms when you open the door, supposedly guilting you out of what you are about to do.

Programmed phrases include;

"Mmmm...fattening" and "Uh-oh. Someone's going to have a tummy ache".

Of course, I can think of more things this Homer should say, like:

"Homer no function beer well without."

and who could forget;

"Beer... Now there's a temporary solution."

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