Hidden Dinner to Celebrate Norooz with Traditional Persian New Year's Dinner

Anahita Naderi and Betty Lang of Hidden Dinner
Anahita Naderi and Betty Lang of Hidden Dinner
Courtesy of Hidden Dinner / Photograph by Meg Strouse
​Tonight begins Norooz, the Persian New Year. It's a holiday based on the renewal of life, and so the traditional foods involve new sprouts of herbs--traditionally planted just for the New Year--and fish from the newly free-flowing rivers. While there are a few Persian restaurants in OC, this year there's a chance to celebrate a little more intimately.

Hidden Dinner, the underground pop-up restaurant that is the brainchild of Anahita Naderi, Betty Lang, and Justin Veiga, will be celebrating Norooz this Sunday, March 25, with a menu of home-style Persian dishes from Naderi's family recipes.

They won't tell people who reserve where it is until two days before, of course, but we'll give you a hint: it's in South County, further south than Hidden Dinner has ever ventured. To sign up to get more information, join the e-mail list at 


; you'll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to reserve your seat.

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