Wasabi! Doritos! TOGETHER!
Wasabi! Doritos! TOGETHER!
Vickie Chang/OC Weekly

Hey, Look: Wasabi-Flavored Doritos!

Spotted at the City of Industry Costco location: Giant bags of Wasabi-flavored Doritos. Are they delicious? And are they really that nuclear green color?

Yes. And yes.

Once you get past the neon hue of the chips, the wasabi flavoring was actually surprisingly pleasant--not too pungent, not too spicy, with a similar taste to that of wasabi peas. Meaning, yeah, you can eat more than a handful at a time without getting sick of the taste.

Wasabi Doritos were, up until recently, an exclusive in Japan that made a brief cameo stateside a few years ago--the flavor actually had its own Facebook group calling for its return to America.

Just the latest development on the snack front at Costco--remember, Tapatio-flavored Fritos are also now up for grabs. 


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