Heart Attack Grill Brings 8,000 Calorie Burger to Vegas

Surely you remember Heart Attack Grill, an Arizona burger joint that reveled in its unhealthiness by offering not only an unreasonably large burger with an 8,000 calorie count called "The Quadruple Bypass," but fries fried in lard and packs of cigarettes? It did this with a hospital theme. The waitresses dress up as nurses who push you out in wheelchairs. The audacity got the attention of CBS News and blogs like this one, especially when its 575-pound 29-year-old spokesman died suddenly last March.

Well, this week it has opened an outlet in Las Vegas (at the Fremont Street Experience), which when you think about it, makes so much sense, it's almost kismet. Where else but Sin City would such a concept not only be welcomed with open arms, but immediately become a drop in a bucket in a town where over-the-top is the norm?

Hubert Keller already sells a $5000 burger at Fleur De Lys--this in a city stocked with buffets and so many other dubious food achievements it would make Heart Attack Grill seem like small potatoes ... even if it is fried in lard.

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