Hazel Quimpo To Leave Yelp OC

Hazel Quimpo To Leave Yelp OC
Hazel Quimpo's profile
Hazel Quimpo announced Wednesday that she is stepping down as Yelp OC Community Manager.

I don't interact very much with the Yelp community--I use it as a research tool, mostly for things like phone numbers and websites--but Hazel is a gem, one of those rare people who bridges both Yelp and the blogging or more formal food writing community. We'll miss her, but she'll still be writing credible reviews on Yelp.

Yelp will be looking for a new community manager--head to the job posting to see if you've got the chops.

Good luck, Hazel--and to whoever is to replace her, you've got big shoes to fill.

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