Tasty, tasty
Tasty, tasty

Have a Fancy Beer Dinner With Slaters 50/50 and Beach City Brewery Next Week

When was the last time you went out to a fancy-ish, prix-fixe dinner? Too long ago I bet. But maybe you don't feel like dressing too nicely and then going to some hoity toity restaurant. Well, for those of you who'd rather have some bacon than some pork belly, Slaters 50/50 and Beach City Brewery are teaming up for what looks like a very good 7-course beer pairing dinner.

The best part? It's only $60, pairings and gratuity included, and they're even telling you the menu beforehand.

The Menu:

Slater's Vampire Dip paired with Sun Uva Beach Brown Crispy Brussels Spouts paired with Mai Tai Beach Cruiser Maple Sambal Olek Ribs paired with Crimson Typhoon B'B'B' Bacon paired with PCH Pale Ale Sriracha Burger paired with Kick Out Double IPA P B & Jealousy paired with Draught Stout on Nitro Bacon Brownie paired with Bourbon barrel-aged Quadrupel

That's a nap worthy meal right there. For more information and to buy tickets, saunter on over Slater's 50/50's website.


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