Harry's Deli Sponsors "Burgers for Blood" Drive
Photo by Kimberly Valenzuela

Harry's Deli Sponsors "Burgers for Blood" Drive

Harry Kho-- Small business owner and supporter, OC Fair judge and cool dad. His sandwiches are legend (wait for it) dary to anyone within a 10-mile radius of John Wayne. Having reopened last month after renovations, we heard about his desire to help others this holiday season, and wanted to share his cause.

If you're squeamish about blood, best to pass this along to fellow Forker. Otherwise, you'll be kindly rewarded for your time.

Harry's teamed up with the American Red Cross to round up 50 donations. The event is this coming Monday, November 26, in the parking lot of his deli. Sign up for a spot at this link. If the online schedule is finicky, there's also a phone number listed. Hours are between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., that day only. They may accept walk-ins, but we're not guaranteeing anything.

Besides the obligatory juice and cookies after they go all Twilight on you, the deli's lined up some parting gifts in exchange for giving the gift of life. In addition to a burger (they now serve burgers!?) from Harry, score two VIP tickets to Laugh Factory and a coupon to Acapulco restaurant. Lunch, date night and happy hour? Even better than just giving out of the goodness of your heart.

Sign up, chug extra water, and do more than troll the internet come Cyber Monday.

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