Hamamori Slashes Its Omakase Prices...AGAIN!

Not more than a day after I wrote about my return visit to Hamamori to try their discounted omakase menu, they went and discounted it again! The $48 5-course omakase meal I enjoyed a week prior is now marked down to $45. 

And what used to be the $90 7-course omakase is now $69!  But wait, there's more!  They're doing 50% sashimi specials every night until the entire stock is sold out!  

If there was a better indicator on how bad the economy is doing, I don't know it. As I noted in this post, the restaurant has been working hard to shed its cred as the most expensive sushi joint in the county (We dubbed them "BEST PLACE TO EAT IF SOMEONE ELSE IS PAYING"). I just had no idea how much they were willing to go to shed the image. Econ majors take note: This is supply and demand at work! 

Thanks to my food blogging buddy Julian Hsu for the update!

3333 Bear St # 320, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, (714) 850-0880


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