Nice bowls not included
Nice bowls not included

Greek Mama Spreads: A+ for Taste!

One of the best students I ever had was a SanTana wab named Julio. He aced two of my classes at Cal State Fullerton--and if you know anything about my teaching style, you'll know that I give out as many As as I give praise to Rick Bayless. Anyhoo, Julio and I have stayed in touch, as he's a big fan of the Weekly and all the desmadre we stage.

A couple of weeks back, I checked in on what he's doing--getting a master's degree from Long Beach State, but also hustling for a company called Greek Mama. Had I ever heard of it? You know it!

True story: I'm a Mediterranean spread fiend, so most of my farmer's markets are spent tasting whichever Lebanese or Greek or Armenian decided to take his mother's recipe for hummus or babaghanoush and make a living off of it. I can't remember where I tried Greek Mama, but I remembered some spicy combo of sundried tomatoes, cheese, and some other good shit. My chica, on the other hand, devoured about three types of their tapenade.

And now, their main hustler was a Mexi? Only in America!

For sure, you can find Greek Mama at Mother's Market. And do get them: they're cheap, wonderful, and spreading (HA!) in options. Just one complaint, Julio: that website your boss has for his business that looks like he designed it off of Geocities? Would get a C- in my class--upgrade, son!


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