Greek Islands Cuisine Closes: Diamond Jamboree Loses a Restaurant
Edwin Goei

Greek Islands Cuisine Closes: Diamond Jamboree Loses a Restaurant

Irvine's Diamond Jamboree is about to get a slew a new restaurants. Not counting Chef Hung, which opened earlier this month, still slated to debut are SWSH, Itriya Cafe, and Curry House CoCo Ichibanya.

But even the red-hot plaza has had its share of failures. The first two closures happened two years ago. What was once the froyo shop Ce Fiore turned quickly into a Lollicup, and the HanArum Roll House, a kimbap maker, folded up to become H-Mart's sushi counter. On both counts, barely anyone blinked.

Now comes a more visible, and much more notable closure, which will leave a gaping hole in a prominent spot. A tipster named Melissa e-mailed me last night to write that

Greek Islands Cuisine

in Diamond Jamboree has closed. She was there last week and noticed there was a note on the door explaining that their last day would be this past Sunday, 8/28.

Their Facebook confirms the news. They posted this farewell that notes that their original, more modest location at a food court on Main is still open.

To Our New & Loyal Customers: We regret to inform you that our location at the Diamond Jamboree Plaza has closed. HOWEVER, we are still open and waiting to serve you the same delicious homemade Mediterranean Cuisine you've come to love at our location in the Main Street Plaza food court just around the corner at Main and Jamboree.

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