Great Squash Pizza at Mesa

Everyone's trying to be a fancy pizza man nowadays gracias to the Mozza phenomenon. From Pizzeria Ortica's neo-Italian standards to Avanti Café's inventive pies, it's a welcome addition to the county's pizza scene. Add to the good ones some squash concoction at Mesa.

Mesa switches up its menu to match the seasons, so I'm not sure how long this particular version will last. But this is what you can expect: earthy yellow and green squashes, with eggplants thrown in for a bit of smokiness. A dab of tomato sauce and goat-cheese nuggets. I only ate a slice, since my table gobbled up the rest--and they weren't even drunk! If you're ever looking for a vegetarian respite from the heaven-on-a-bun that is TK Burgers across Bristol Street and don't like getting ripped off by Native Foods, you have a winner. Now, if only Old Vine Café could offer a try...they would rule the world!

Mesa, 725 Baker St., Costa Mesa, (714) 557-6700.


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