Gourmandise Cafe To Open In Anaheim's Little Arabia

Gourmandise Cafe To Open In Anaheim's Little Arabia

Like Robert Downey, Jr.'s character in The Avengers, we were craving shawerma. After cruising to Papa Hassan's for our Lebanese fix, our restaurant radar honed in on the banner a couple of storefronts over. Its straightforward (if not redundant) signage got us thinking about random French cuisine in Anaheim's Little Arabia. Wait, what?

Gourmandise Cafe displayed pictures of macarons, baguettes and quiches in their window, but no signage indicating a hiring process or tentative opening date. It's risky to set up shop in another culture's neighborhood, but being different also makes a business stand out-- ideally in a good way.

Gourmandise Cafe will open at 866 S Brookhurst St, Anaheim.

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