Good Boxing Pizza at Pizza Boy

Any of you food freaks like boxing? I do, and found myself at my cousin's pad this Saturday to see the ultimately boring Floyd Mayweather-Shane Mosely boxing match. My cousin is a good eater--knows his Rufino's and Cortina's for Italian, but we needed a delivery pizza. I assumed we would get corporate pies--instead, he ordered from a place named Pizza Boy.

I knew and enjoyed this place when it was Daddy's Pizza, when I liked a girl who worked in the Carl's Jr. nearby and got held up. A friend of my cousin's said that Pizza Boy wasn't as good as its predecessor, but I disagreed: it was a good pie. I ate the one with ham, pineapple and jalapeños--floppy, large, crisped piggy slices, juicy pineapple. Amazingly, almost no grease: whenever I eat pizza, I can usually make a full-sized paper towel soggy with the grease I sop off, but I barely got one of those quarter-pieces of paper towel moist. Great cheese, good crust, did the job for a group of rowdy boxing fans.

Those crazy Yelp kids love the place, much more than Rufino's--and Rufino's the food at Pizza Boy isn't. But next time my cousin hosts a boxing match, I'm trying other pies from them (I ended up eating seven slices). May it be at a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout and not another tomato can...

Pizza Boy, 1177 S. State College Blvd., Anaheim, (714) 772-7716;


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