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Gin Brooklyn at Eat Chow Santa Ana, Our Drink of the Week!

Finally! Eat Chow—the kickass diner with spots in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach—opened its long-promised SanTana location in early November, drawing in folks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with its gallop across this new, brave, multiculti America (a menu with pancakes, ceviche, a media noche, and a spectacular Thai beef salad? Yes, please). The other main attraction here: this is Eat Chow’s first spot with a full liquor license.

The bartenders here have doubled down on the craft game, with a long roster that sees some (the Pretty in Pink, whose deep whismy recalls the film) working better than others (as much as I love liqueurs, banana liqueur should still be relegated to rum cake) in these early weeks. But already nailing it is the Gin Brooklyn.

As I've said a trillion times here, I favor bitter cocktails, and the Brooklyn Gin is like sipping on India ink: china-china liqueur, sweet vermouth, gin, and angostura. It’s ramrod stiff, and already makes Eat Chow a must-visit if you’re in downtown SanTana. Give it a couple of months to work out the kinks, and it’ll be ready to take on the kings and queens at Playground down the street—you heard it here first, kiddos.

Eat Chow Santa Ana, 313 N. Bush St., Santa Ana, (657) 266-0500; www.eatchownow.com


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