Giant Robot Profiles 85°C Bakery Cafe's Sea Salt Coffee

Giant Robot--that paragon of Asian-American culture that seems to give a rightful plug to the Crosby every other issue--has a review and gorgeous shots of Irvine's 85°C Bakery Cafe. Specifically, intern Julienne Lin praised their signature Sea Salt Coffee, a chilled espresso sprinkled with sea salt. Her review is well-written, but my favorite line: about the bakery's crowd, Lin wrote, "They got the rude pushing and shoving part of crowded Taiwanese places down, making the place pretty legit." TOO FUNNY. Haven't tasted the coffee yet, mostly because I don't like coffee, but mainly because I'm currently in San Antonio, happily drowning in a sea of melted cheese. Posts to come on the latter--hence, the video:


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