Giant Billboard Made of Cheese

The country that brought you Wallace and Gromit and Monty Python's Cheese Shop skit is at it again. The world's first billboard made of cheese debuted today in London's Covent Garden. Created by food sculptor Prudence Strait, the billboard featuring Speedy Gonzales will be used in British TV commercials for Virgin Media's broadband service.

Since the Road Runner was already touting Time-Warner's cable service, I suppose he couldn't be the spokesbird for Virgin. According to Virgin Media's press release:

"Speedy is renowned for his ability to run extremely fast, making him the perfect brand ambassador for Virgin Media broadband, but he is also famed for his love of cheese which inspired the idea for the billboard."

Pretty soon, the world's broadband companies (I'm looking at you, Cox Communications) will start running out of Warner Brothers cartoon characters to tout their services. May I suggest the ornery, rootin'-tootinest, downright mean Yosemite Sam for any company that wants to truthfully portray their customer service departments?

Where was I? Right. Regarding the cheese billboard itself, Virgin Media says:

"Using ten types of locally sourced cheese, including Double Gloucester, and weighing in at 110kg, the giant 5m x 4m cheese sculpture took Prudence and her 13-strong team eight days to craft, spending over 100 hours in a chilled studio to preserve the artwork."

Allow me to do the metric-shitload-of-cheese conversion. That's over 240 pounds of artisanal cheese in a 13 feet x 16 feet cheese plate. I wonder how many pounds of cheese went into the world record biggest mac and cheese?

Hat tip to Kat Hannaford at Gizmodo


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