Get the Fries at the Honda Center's Club Level

Get the Fries at the Honda Center's Club Level

Two weekends ago, my cousin treated me to the Vic Darchinyan-Jorge Arce boxing match at the Honda Center for my birthday. He scored club-level seats and also invited me to eat whatever I want. I had just treated him to Mariscos Licenciado #2 just up State College Boulevard, so I contented myself with a Kobe beef hamburger and fries.

For the fight, everyone sitting in the club-level seats could flag down an usher, who would take their order and bring back food from a restaurant exclusive to the club level. I'm not sure if this option exists for other events, but the restaurant is somewhere on that level (don't ask me for the name, because I was too pissed off about Arce's humiliating defeat at the fists of the Australian Armo to take notes). What I can report is that the fries impressed in a way few fries do. I'm not a fries guy; whenever I order them, I tend to drown my batch with mustard, jalapeños, and whatever hot sauce I may have carried with me that day. But the Honda Center's club-level fries needed no condiments: salted perfectly, with a bit of chili powder; thick, long, strips of tasty potato. Don't bother with the nachos, which my cousin ordered, and stick with those great fries.

The Kobe burger, on the other hand? It tasted just like the complimentery burger Continental Airlines offers. I enjoy those and enjoyed the Kobe burger, but it doesn't say much about quality when your product conjures up images of airline cuisine.

Honda Center, 2695 E Katella Ave., Anaheim, (714) 704-2420


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