Gelato Paradiso Reopens In Fashion Island

Gelato Paradiso Reopens In Fashion Island
Anne Marie Panoringan

Coveting a scoop of gianduia from our preferred gelato spot was the only reason we used to frequent Corona del Mar Plaza (Until it was replaced by Sprinkles Ice Cream. Boo!). If we happened to be shopping down the street, even better-- since they also scooped inside Fashion Island's Atrium Court. They closed the mall location a year ago this month, but we never knew why. Now, it all makes sense.

Recently we spotted them while wandering Barnes and Noble. Instead of their previous freestanding spot, Gelato Paradiso is now connected to the perimeter of eateries downstairs.

Flavors mirror their Laguna Beach spot, with seasonal faves peppermint and pumpkin as part of the lineup. Batches are still made fresh daily at both locales, but we like parking here a whole lot more. Welcome back, guys. You've been missed.

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