"Geeks Who Drink" to Finally Invade Orange County

A couple of years ago while on book tour in Denver, I received an invitation to be a guest host for something called Geeks Who Drink, a Colorado phenomenon that takes the traditional pub quiz and hipster-izes it to its wonderful, besotted conclusion. It was a great time, and I told the founders that they should break out of their backwater locations (Colorado? New Mexico? Utah?) and come to Orange County.

All these years later, they finally took me up on my advice. I should demand royalties for this. Actually, I'll take the payoff of hosting one of the local Geeks Who Drink events you'll find after the jump!

Geeks Who Drink will debut locally in December in three places: The Auld Irish Pub in Orange on Dec. 6, The Auld Dubliner in Long Beach on the 7th, and The Auld Dubliner in Tustin on the 8th, and will occur weekly on their respective days. Anyone interested in applying as a quizmaster can email info@geekswhodrink.com. Honestly, folks: Geeks Who Drink is a great thing, and Coloradans know their shit about getting smashed with class--go!

As for my guest-hosting in Denver? Think Rupert Pupkin with a bit of Wally George...


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