'Gay Pride Oreo' Prompts Sad Cookie Boycott
Oreo Facebook Page

'Gay Pride Oreo' Prompts Sad Cookie Boycott

In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, Oreo posted this rainbow confection on its Facebook page Monday night. "Proudly support love!" the description read. 

The cookie isn't real (diabetics, rejoice!), but the bold move by the Nabisco brand instantly got people talking and haters hatin.' Most of the nearly 20,000 comments support Oreo's stance ("slow claps, tears at the eye," one fan wrote) though many proclaimed they will never eat the beloved creme-filled cookie again. 

"I hope Nabisco goes out of business for supporting this atrocity," wrote one commenter. "Ew. NOW i cant eat my favorite packaged cookie anymore. Goodbye Oreo's. I AM AGAINST HOMO'S," added another. 

A "Boycott Oreo" Facebook page has been created in response to the post, but as of now, the cause has a grand total of zero "likes."  
Mostly, the photo just made people hungry. Wrote one fan: "Keep fighting the good fight and maybe make some rainbow Oreos because that sh*t looks CREAMY AS HELL." 

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