Garman's Irish Pub Coming to Mission Viejo

We don't wander south of the El Toro Y often, but we were looking for one thing and found Garman's instead. Not to be confused with a GPS brand, this future watering hole is located behind a Bank of America and across from the Shops at Mission Viejo.

Serving traditional fare in addition to lots o' Guinness, we can't locate an opening date as of late. However, let's hope it pulls it off before St. Paddy's Day. In relatively close proximity to both Dublin 4 and Patsy's, we hope it brings something new to the party.

With the mantra "It's your place, we just work here" and general management listed as Ryan Garman, we're banking on a Cheers-like atmosphere in which everyone not only knows your name--but your business and beer preference as well. While a Facebook page is active, the website link is not. Hey, guys, throw an extra boxty on the griddle and call us sometime. We're starving!

Garman's Irish Restaurant and Pub will be located at 27567 Puerta Real, Mission Viejo;

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