Just the chicken. Beer sold separately.
Just the chicken. Beer sold separately.
Edwin Goei

Garden Grove Korean Fried Chicken Chain Adds "Beer" To Name

It would seem that the Korean fried chicken chain BBQ Chicken (which stands for "Best of the Best Quality Chicken") has very lax rules about what its franchisees call themselves. An outlet in Garden Grove has rebranded itself not as BBQ Chicken, but Cafe BBQ Chicken & Beer. Before that, the same BBQ Chicken did business as Olive Chicken & Grill under different franchisees even as it served the same deep-fried hen.

Still, even with the name change,

Cafe BBQ Chicken & Beer

is still not the neatest restaurant name at the Korean District. In my opinion, that distinction still goes to

Pizza & Chicken & Love Letter

. Okay, it's a tie between that and

Wako Honey Pig


One wonders, though, whether Cafe BBQ Chicken & Beer is taking cues from Laguna Beach's House of Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer, which was the first to go the literal route and has succeeded in part of it. It can be argued that it has done well because people know what to expect.

Will transparency and the word "beer" make the difference here too? Ask yourselves this question: Are you more apt to go to a place called Cafe BBQ Chicken & Beer or one just called BBQ Chicken?

9622 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92844

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