One of the first Urbanses...
One of the first Urbanses...

Future Restaurateurs: You Can Stop Naming Your Restaurants "Urban" Now

Listen up future restauranteurs and those who would name restaurants: Using the word "Urban" to name your eating establishment is now officially overdone. That is to say: If your first name ain't Keith and you're not a country music star looking to open a rib joint, you might as well as try to come up with something more original than "Urban BBQ".

Here's proof.

In Orange County and Long Beach alone there's already an Urban Plates, an Urban Table, two Urban Seouls, an Urban Cactus, an Urban Grill, a Tempo Urban Kitchen, and the inexplicable Urban Location, which is inexplicable because it's actually a boba shop (maybe "Urban Boba" was taken?).

And I've not begin to count the other "Urban" eateries in the counties that surround us, nor am I counting the non-food-related businesses using the word "Urban". And, oh yeah, if any Asian restaurant entrepreneur was eyeing "Urban Chopsticks", you're too late: a joint in Bellflower already claimed it.

On the bright side, "Metro" and "City" are wide open. So is "Municipal". Oh wouldn't I love to see what a restaurant called "Municipal Kitchen" would serve!

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