From Pancakes to McRibs, the 5 Most Over-Rated Foods Ever


I like to eat, and I'll try anything at least twice, but sometimes things are just... too much. At the risk of sounding like a food asshole (I'm really just a regular asshole), a lot of dishes get way too much hype for their own good--hey may be all right, but listen to the things some people have to say about cronuts or ramen burgers or other stupid things like that, and the dishes begin to sound like the second coming of pizza.

Some foods are underrated (persimmons), some are correctly rated, but these next five? The most overrated things in the world.

5. Turkey

Difficult to cook, inferior tasting, AND a time sink!
Difficult to cook, inferior tasting, AND a time sink!
Flickr user jdolenga

Is there even one thing that turkey is better than chicken for? I mean, it takes longer to thaw, it's harder to handle, much more difficult to cook evenly, and just all-around worse tasting.

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Maybe I'm scared after the year my roommate woke me up at 10 a.m. Thanksgiving day to tell me that I needed to have a half-thawed turkey ready for a 20-person dinner that night because he had to work a shift at Target, but does anyone even like foul fowl?

Sure, cooking five or six chickens to serve the same amount of people doesn't sound appetizing. But when you think about it, it wouldn't take that much longer, and, given that chicken is just all around easier to do well, it's probably the more efficient bird.

Maybe I'll try something new this year...

4. Pizookies

It's a cookie.
It's a cookie.
Flickr user britt and the bees

Guys. It's literally a cookie with some ice cream on top of it. I don't care how big you make a cookie; it's still a cookie. How good a cookie tastes is not directly proportional to its surface area. If you want to gorge yourself, just be straight up about it. There's no shame in it (okay, maybe a little bit of shame).

Pizookies get a little bit extra shame because I'm pretty sure they started the whole one food + another food = AMAZING trend that took over the food blogging world earlier this year.

Thank goodness that died off, but pizookies? Still a thing.

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