Fresh Kabobs Replaces Renzo's A Taste of Peru

Renzo's A Taste of Peru was beloved by its cult, but its location stank. The storefront might as well be hidden under a rock. Most who come to the parking lot where it stood until it closed suddenly last year ignore it for the food court which anchors the plaza.

Now a new tenant has moved in. Fresh Kabobs has two other locations (in Fullerton and Long Beach) and it serves chicken tikka masala bowls, paratha wraps, and yes, kabobs, which is not limited to three kinds of chicken and two kinds of lamb, but also salmon, beef and a whole pompfret fish.

Where to find it? Go about a block up Michelson away from John Wayne Airport, locate the food court, then look to the left side, where you never thought to look.

The address is 2222 Michelson Dr Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92612. Here's the website:

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