French 75 in Laguna Beach Doing "Le Taco Tuesdays"
Photo Courtesy of French 75

French 75 in Laguna Beach Doing "Le Taco Tuesdays"

Korean tacos are one thing. But French tacos? C'mon! Don't we have enough reasons to make fun of the French already?

"Le Taco Tuesday": That's what the folks at Culinary Adventures' French 75 are dubbing their latest promotion. With this development, I think, we're finally seeing the honest-to-goodness living incarnation of the term gabacho taco.

Furthermore, I'm not sure you can call something wrapped in a crepe a taco, because I think that would just be called a crepe. This is a slippery slope from which there is no recovery. What's next? A Vietnamese joint referring to their bánh xèo as Vietnamese tacos?

Let's instead call it what it is: a marketing ploy, albeit a successful one, because let's not forget the fact that I *AM* blogging about it.

But hold on, though it's priced at $10.99 for the base veggie model, you do get two
"tacos", along with a "mixed frisee greens". And, what's this? You get a complimentary glass of wine?

Perhaps I've been a bit hasty in my criticism, because the fillings do sound right good (see below)., well, if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em, I say. So now I'm on board with this French taco thing, but don't blame me: I'm just getting into the spirit of things, because what's more French than surrendering prematurely?

Seafood Crepe Tacos -- scallops, shrimp & Maine lobster simmered in rich lobster cream sauce - $14.99

Chicken Crepe Tacos -- red wine braised chicken sautéed with Cremini mushrooms, fresh spinach & sherry cream sauce - $12.99

Vegetable Crepe Tacos -- Chanterelle mushrooms, leeks, spinach, Yukon gold potatoes & fresh herb butter - $10.99


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