Hoping this is the height of an IHOP stack!
Hoping this is the height of an IHOP stack!

Free Short Stack From IHOP Tuesday!

February is not only about government holidays and Valentines, but food celebrations. Check out tomorrow's IHOP deal: A free stack o' buttermilk flapjacks when you come in to celebrate their National Pancake Day! Not to be confused with Pancake Tuesday (a.k.a the day before Lent), it's still a big deal if you're low on cashola and loving the most important meal of the day.

If you donate to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals while you're there, even better. IHOP's goal of reaching the $3 million mark is lofty compared to the $10 million raised over seven years, but not impossible. Be sure to throw in extra for your server.

We couldn't locate a fixed amount of time as to when they are serving the deal, but here are the details

found on this website


There is a limit of one free short stack per guest. The offer is valid at participating restaurants for dine-in only while supplies last and is not valid with any other offer, special coupon or discount.

Short and sweet--kinda like that pancake stack. Wonder if we should add sausage or bacon?

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