Free Organic Coffee at Tastea in Costa Mesa until Friday

Free Organic Coffee at Tastea in Costa Mesa until Friday

If you have a habit of trawling the boba shop-riddled landscape of Rowland Heights, you might have come across one called Tastea. And if you actually drive up from the Costa Mesa area to get to it, or the existing one in Garden Grove, you may not have to anymore. The mini chain has opened a store in Costa Mesa at 1175 Baker Street, Suite E-21, and to make people aware of its existence in an area that's, well, not entirely boba-friendly, today until Friday, June 13th, it will be giving out "free organic mini coffees" from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m.

It will hold its grand opening on Saturday, June 14th.

Here's a cut-and-paste job I did on a press release I got on what they actual serve:

The Costa Mesa store will serve customer favorites like "Peach Me Sweetea (peach and strawberry Tea with real bits of peaches and strawberries)", "Ooh La La (coconut and pineapple smoothie with real strawberry bits)", "Taro Milk Tea" and even the "Karate Chopped Chicken (Tastea's version of a marinated popcorn chicken)". Tastea offers a wide-array of non-dairy drinks that are Vegan friendly. Additionally, the company serves a nice international display of Yummy Add-Ons that include black jelly, coconut jelly, egg pudding, red beans, and peaches.

So go. Get your complimentary drink, ya freeloaders!

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