Free Orange Chicken At Panda Express This Friday

Free Orange Chicken At Panda Express This Friday

I think we can all agree that the best thing at Panda Express is the Orange Chicken. Oh how those morsels of sugary-crunchy poultry pieces shine under the lights. I think Jennifer 8. Lee, the writer behind the brilliant Fortune Cookie Chronicles, hit it right on the nose when she surmised the reason why it and its East Coast variant General Tso's chicken are so popular: It is fried, it is sweet and it is chicken -- all things that Americans love.

The only thing better than something that is fried, sweet and chicken is when what's fried, sweet, and chicken is free.

Yes, Panda Express will be giving away single servings of its Orange Chicken after 9 p.m. until closing this Friday. What? 9 p.m.? Will it be the leftovers? The old stuff that's been sitting there since the dinner rush? Maybe, but not likely...even when it's not free, they seem to go through that sticky pile every five minutes.

The only catch other than whether your local Panda Express will be participating is whether they'll be open past nine. Most will, as this is part of a promotion to make people aware that some stores are open late for the summer.

To redeem, simply print out the coupon or just show them this page loaded on your smartphones.

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