Looking fresher at 40...
Looking fresher at 40...

Free Gourmet Dessert at Starbucks This Weekend to Celebrate 40th Birthday

On Tuesday, Starbucks introduced a redesigned Siren logo, special merchandise, a new blend and petite sweets to celebrate 40 years of teaching the world the difference between tall, grande and venti. Those Seattle folk certainly know how to throw a party, and it continues Thursday with a deal too adorable to pass up. 

Details after the jump!

I introduce to you Starbucks Petites, its new pastry line consisting of small bites. Before, it only served miniature doughnuts; now, it's talking trendy cake pops, sweet squares, tiny cupcakes, even a red-velvet whoopie pie!  Eight glorious flavors in all. The notion of dessert-style tapas is delightful for one simple reason: fewer crumbs.  Did I forget to mention they are less than 200 calories each?

From Thursday through Saturday, when you purchase a handcrafted beverage, Starbucks will cover dessert. Choose from any of its Petites (unless you get there too late; then it just sucks to be you) and savor the super-sized flavor.  Designated dessert hours are from 2 to 5 p.m. only.  Now all that's left to decide is what combination to do.  I'm thinking vanilla rooibos tea latte paired with a salted caramel sweet square. . . .


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