Free Dinner at Savannah Chop House; But Read The Fine Print

My fascination with what was once David Wilhelm's might Culinary Adventures dining group continues since I keep getting unsolicited e-mail newsletters from them (I ate at one of his restaurants once and took advantage of an offer where I'd get a discount on the meal if I signed up for it, which I guess means they're not unsolicited).

But it's just as well. Their marketing efforts fascinate me to no end. Take for example the latest offer for Savannah in Laguna Niguel, which is actually a good deal if you agree to the terms.

Here it is: If you purchase any entree from their regular menu from December 14th to December 30th, 2009, you will receive a gift card for a free dinner -- but wait, there are a few fine print items you need to know. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

The free meal has to be eaten between January 1st and January 30th, and it is limited to the 4 items in the Perfection menu. A side note: The Perfection menu, by the way, from earlier newsletters, used to be called the "Perfect Ten" because it was priced at exactly $10 to spur sales when we were deeper in the recession. These days, it's crept up slowly to $12.99. So I suppose that's as good as an economic indicator of our recovery as any.

Also, in case you were wondering, you can't order these Perfection Meals (or their discounted Sunday Supper items) for your entree during the promotional period of December 14-30. Besides, since the recession is over you should be in a more spendy mood right? Right?


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