Free Dessert With Dinner at Morton's the Steakhouse TONIGHT!!!

I rarely go to Morton's the Steakhouse--not because I detest its food but because its outside my pay scale. But apparently Orange County likes the Morton's in Anaheim and SanTana so much that the pricey chain will give you a free dessert TONIGHT if you buy dinner. Some caveats, of course, but of the weird, acceptable kind after the jump!

Simply put: mention you're a fan of Morton's on Facebook, and a free sweet from their tray is yours. You don't have to show any proof, whip out your Droid or iPhone of your Facebook love for them--just say it. But you can only choose one of three desserts--Key Lime pie, double-chocolate mousse, or Morton's carrot cake. But just today, because of that whole Black Friday deal...


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