Free Breakfast at IKEA Through Sunday, Jan. 3rd, 2010

A little late in posting this, but there's still almost a half a week left to go.  All this week until Sunday, January 3rd, IKEA is serving their normally 99-cent breakfast for free until 11 am.  No coupon is necessary...just your inherent need to get something for nothing.

So what are you waiting for?  You cheapskate!

Psst.  I'll see you there...

P.S. Be sure to specify that you want the FREE breakfast or else they will give you the same amount of food on a bigger plate and charge you the regular price... Not that it's much more. But a mediocre meal as this is best when you don't have to pay for it. And oh don't expect service with a smile. The cashiers who are normally surly are even more short tempered when these free offers are in effect.


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