Frank Bruni, NY Times Food Critic, on Nightline Tonight: Reveals Problem With Bulimia

Food bloggers, food critics, foodies, restaurant owners might want to tune in to Nightline tonight.

NY Times food critic, Frank Bruni, will be interviewed to talk about his struggles with food and share stories about his days as the man who instilled fear in the hearts of all restaurateurs in Manhattan during his tenure.

He's there to promote his book, "Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater."  As you may have heard, he resigned from his position a few months ago and will be wrapping up his duties this week. Rumors are already swirling of who might be his replacement.

Here's the accompanying ABC News article on Bruni.  But for a really good read, take a gander at Bruni's latest article where he writes specifically about the friends he invites to his meals to review.  In it, he says: "On top of a culinary education, I have gotten something of a psychological, sociological and anthropological one." 



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