Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb

Fourth of July Cocktails

Celebrating Independence Day comes down to three simple things: fireworks, barbecues and booze. And since I can only help you with the last one, continue on for two Fourth of July-inspired cocktail recipes.

When it comes to classic fireworks, you can't get away from Cherry Bombs and Sparklers, and to celebrate all that is America, both are being turned into party-starting cocktails.

The basis of a Cherry Bomb is cherry vodka made by Three Olive--my personal preference when it comes to flavored vodkas. For a mild version of the cocktail, include four ounces of ginger ale for every ounce of vodka and serve over ice. Top if off with a just splash of grenadine; too much and the Bomb may explode from cherry overload.


Although sparklers are a lame-ass firework, the alcohol version is not so tame. Made with 1800 Tequila and sparkling wine (champagne if you're going for the real thing), this one is sure to make your celebration a bit more exciting.

1 oz. 1800 Tequila
2 oz. Sparkling Wine or Champagne
.5 oz. Raspberry Liqueur
.5 oz. Soho Lychee Liqueur

Combine the tequila, raspberry liqueur and Soho lychee liqueur in a champagne flute, and top with the sparkling wine or champagne.

Now you have two drink recipes to entertain you while you blow things up. America!


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