Foodily: A Great New Recipe-Aggregator Site to See Who's Ripped You Off

Foodily, a recipe aggregator and search site launched recently by some former Yahoo! execs, promises to be a great tool for all. It culls its content from, Epicurious, AllRecipes, Serious Eats and just about every available outlet for recipes on the web, allowing you to filter out recipes with ingredients you don't want and highlight others that feature produce and things that are in season in your neck of the woods.

It even allows for you to see what recipes your friends recommend because what's a website that doesn't copy or plug into Facebook these days. The site is sleek, has a nice uniform look that scrolls from left to right, and is easy to navigate.

It is so easy, in fact, that when I used Foodily to look for my original posted recipe for baked mussels dynamite, which I published up back in 2005, I found it instantly. Problem is, the link it showed me wasn't my blog. Rather it was, more precisely, a user on that site, who not only plagiarized my entire recipe, word for word, but also poached my photos.

So I suppose this makes Foodily even more useful: For those out there who post recipes online, you can conceivably use it to police sites to see who has stolen your original work and are passing it off as their own.


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